Saturday, March 16, 2013

Failure is torture


Lap peluh.
I wish i could be heart stone when I'm facing a test
I wish i had a magic stick
So that, my heart could change into stone
So that, my tear could be a glass of fresh orange or maybe hot chocholate black forest
So that, my ear could be seen by me


I forget
Sooner or later,
I must faced it
I must confront it
I must solve it

I forget
When I being tested
This prove that Allah love us
This prove that Allah care His slaves

I forget
For every test we face, there always something good come from
For every test we face, there something values learn
For every test we face, there something to ponder

Experience taught us a lot. Dont regret for every test you face it. Keep smiling on and learn on your failure. Even it hurts but it taught us how the feel of failure. If you never feel the feeling of failure you never know the feel of success.

"failure is the mother of success"
~nur syazana~
Keep smile , face , solve , 
May Allah keep us in everlasting faith. Always grateful for every breath Allah is always be with us.

#Alhamdulillah, test JPJ yang gagal sebelum nie aku dah lulus. Sekarang tengah mood nervous gila nak ambil result. Apapun, doakan yang terbaek untuk semua pelajar spm 2012. Mudah-mudahan Allah memberikan keputusan yang terbaek kepada kita semua. 

Jazakillah =)