Monday, April 22, 2013

#mindless# the purpose of blog


*I would like to warned you this is English post.Not mother tongue language.

Rarely people will ask you. Why? WHo?WHICh? Alaa. Wh- questions that almost people learnt in their primary school. But for this entry , nobody ask me to write.Cewwah. Ayat bajet sangatlah kalau ada orang yang suruh menulis.I am willing to write with full hearted about the purpose of making this blog, since if I remind back my older entry, basiccally about an islamic article and a caca marba tittle. So , after I had push hard my brain to intepret the main point  of  joining the blogger circle is

  • Firstly, blogging is one of therapy that can calm your mind and peace your chest *macam lavender oil
  • Second, blogging is the platform of sharing an ideas, opinions and experience.
  • Third, blogging can sharpen my mother tongue language and English language also.
  • Fourth, blogging help to stress you to know on important and latest issue
  • Fifth, blogging is sharing and sharing is caring. Imma type of caring person *sila muntah hijau

Yeah, that meant from my blog you gonna find a lot of topic or issue and sometimes  something that not come out benefits because I like talking mindless topic even sometimes its quite wasting time. Who cares right? This is yours so just be yourself. Haha. It sounds that I like to talk anything so if you dont mind you can shares if you want. One more thing, I realised one thing,when I reread my article or whatsoever, its sound very sinically and perhaps a little bit childlish. Actually, Im pretty not a person like that, but its a really an enjoyment when writing sinically. It appear so sudden and disappear pon so sudden. So, memang tak kisah lah, somewhile aku macam freak out or  eccentric because I memang thats merapu-meraban.So, I should advice my dear silent readers, when you read my blog, you are officially in the haunted zone.Haha.Haunted la sangat.Yes Haunted of sinis and perli.Pergh.Berkeju.The advice is, to avoid gejala sakit hati berpanjangan, read with a happy tone and just take the best part. The rest just let wind take away.So, if you are the one that got away, it is not my mistake.


Yeah, sometimes when I talk and write , I gonna think , it is okay? it is right? Huh, it is a type of gejala low self-esteem.Actually, its quite unbelieveable because outsider I was kind of talk-to-much.But when it comes to my blog, I become a block-writers.So I had put one determination,a quotes

" Semua penulis akan meninggal, hanya karyalah yang abadi sepanjang masa, 
Maka tulislah sesuatu yang aknan membahagiakan kamu di akhirat kelak"
Ali bin Abi Thalib

In the world we want to get shares, of course in the hereafter we wanna gain more and more shares.So, this is one of the ways to ensure continuous flow of my shares. This is call for people outside to come joining us to  create a santai Dai'e.

Belom cukup pakej lagi

p/s : I'm so sorry for not meet my promise to write in fully English. But, please thumbs up for my English improvement, unless a lot of rojak there and there and the broken grammar also.HAHA

~pretty amazing~

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