Tuesday, December 10, 2013

hati manusia kita tak tahu

Assalamualaikum . . .

Yeah . Lately me was unfeeling so better due to the season and weathers in Malaysia. Even so, I think this is a really simple obstcles that I should confront with bravely. Haaaachumm...

Good news. I had finished my semester holidays without doing nothing that give me benefits. Sob. Sob. Breaking news . Now, I currently in semester 2 and have almost 10 weeks which is plus minus 2 month before my final. Big clap. and yet, I still dont know which way should I choose. Goshh . It doesnt matter here. May Allah guide me.

So today I wanna talk about one thing that happen to me along time ago. Sound nerd right but it is true. Once upon a time, there were a sale of some kind of publisher that sold dictionaries and a few applications that students should  have near a cafe.We were not buying that as the allowance not accounted yet. But, in the evening as we passing by the cafe to go to the college, one of the male seller had stopped my friend. Unfortunately, as she is not interested to buy , she had ignored it. But than she hear

'Is this kind of F*********N student? '

She was being so shocked like felt a big lightning and thunder on her head. At that time, I had walked for a few metres from her. She came to me and grab my hand. I ask her , 

"Why? What going on? '
'We must save our students pride !'
Whatttt !!!

We were going back and ask for apologize on behalf of all our friends. The salesman face looks awful and terriblely like leopards that waiting to eat a beautiful goat. Its my food !Maybe he said like that in his heart. 
Haha... With a very straightforwaded words,

'I dont know that F********N students are like this ! Thinking that they are so big 
and always ignoring people. But the most important where are your attitude? Why being so lack of manners?'

Dush. Dush. One by one words that kill my sense. Aigoo. I think this is the most peak time, so we as the offender should repeatedly as for apologize and give our reason for being like that.

'We are so sorry. It was a bit tired when the class is finished at the evening. So thing in our mind
is food since we are not eating yet.'

'So , you only think about that and negligible your manner towards elder? Yes , I also hungry too since im not eating anything from morning.But where your manners, and you maybe look at me like people without a pride to be respectful. An average person only. And you with your huge jilbab that covers but manners are zero!'

And that "luahan perasaan" session is too plain before but that time he mention the jilbab, I felt so offensive. My heart beat faster than usual and feel like craving eating humanchop in front of me.Add more frenchfries and coleslaw please --". But it is keep inside core of my heart because of the rest of respect. If not maybe I had fight back. After almost fifteen minutes, he keeps mumbling. We  hear attentionally. Pfuuu...

Right now in my mind, I being thinking that people easily judges person by the appearance.I reflect myself back then, maybe there are something that Allah want to show to me or maybe this is my kifarah of my wrongdoings. Yet, we as malaysian, not as malaysian only but as muslim should not behave like that, show people our full of courtesy and manners.In the same time, please dont judge the appearance only as we dont know that our words could turn someone from a desires doing good thing into something that bad because of our words.We dont even know.

One more thing , keep thinking positive side. Because life is test. At at my age, the situation that Im getting faced from day to day are going to be tough. But it is still inside my world. World of student, lecturers and books. How we can imagine in this real world. What it would be like? Too tough and so eerie to be faced. But, here are the realities. So, when there are something that push you like stress of homeworks or lecturers , just keep thinking the greater the stress the greater the people would be. It was a preparation to live the life to its fullest. Real World. It Awesome and scary !

P/S:  Do pray for flood victim, That is their test. We? see what will come. May Allah Bless =)